Who I am

My name is Nadescha and I am a Marine Ecologist working for the British Antarctic Survey. As part of my job I will be based in Antarctica for 18 months at the Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island. Here I will live, work and carry out my research in a very small community. In an attempt to keep myself sane throughout the Antarctic winter and keep in touch with the outside world I will be posting regularly about my experience of life, science and everything down South on this blog.


What I do

Over the years I have grown fascinated with all the little critters that live on the seafloor and their role in the Ocean. During my time in Antarctica, I will study how life on the Antarctic seafloor is affected by global change. This will involve many, many dive surveys and experiments in the laboratory which will involve an attempt to culture Antarctic nanophytoplankton (really, really small algae). Keep in mind most of these animals live in temperatures between 1 and -1°C so it will get slow and chilly.